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“When I won the BBNaija show, my mother and I cried for a long time.” — Laycon Talks about His Love Triangle!

“When I won the BBNaija show, my mother and I cried for a long time.” — Laycon Talks about His Love Triangle!

Aug 2, 2023

The second part of our #BBNaija Season special is one of my personal faves, the Great (drumroll!!!!!) Laycon.

I never really was his fan but after this interview, I love him.

His experience in the BBNaija house was nothing but special and he took time today to dissert a lot of things that happened; His love triangle with Erica, his love for his mom and the reaction after winning the show.

Laycon sits #WithChude

laycon says:

Something everybody needs to understand is that because I am naturally intelligent doesn’t mean I’m not human. It doesn’t mean I can’t love, or I can’t show my emotions, or I can’t be hurt.

That’s also what I’m trying to let people know. I am who I am, and a part of me is somebody who can get hurt. You may not want to hurt me but I’ll be hurt. That doesn’t make you a bad person if I get hurt by your actions. Your actions are genuinely pure, but if I’m hurt by it that means I have to deal with it.

It is something that you as a human being would also have to figure out. Because somebody’s actions hurt you doesn’t mean those actions are bad. They’re intentions of actions and they’re conclusions that comes out of those actions, it’s a moral dilemma, it has been an ethical dilemma. Like do you judge and action based on the intentions or the result of the actions, does the end justify the means?

His Mother’s reaction when He won the BBNaija show:

“I love her, and she loves me so much, and her birthday was on November 10th. I wish her long life and prosperity in good health and happiness. That’s all there is to know.

When I first met her outside of the house, we both cried. And then, she has also experienced things that made her understand that everything’s different now.”


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