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Idowu Adeyemi shares how he takes good care of his mother and reconciles her with his father.

Idowu Adeyemi shares how he takes good care of his mother and reconciles her with his father.

Nov 18, 2023

The popular nightlife and social media influencer reflects on the challenges of his parents’ separation, acknowledging the impact on their lives and the efforts to overcome it. Despite the initial pain caused by his parents’ separation, particularly in his father’s case, Yhemolee decided to intervene by relocating his father to a good place and reuniting the two parties.

The social media influencer, Yhemolee, who recently shared in an interview that he loves gold digger ladies, spoke so highly of his mother and said she is very fine now and everything is back to normal. He added that he is taking very good care of the two of them, and he best believes his mother is proud of him.

He spoke extensively:

Well my mother is going, she’s enjoying her life. But for my dad, being that guy that messed up in a moment and seperated for years. I mean I’m the first child, I’m his son. But the man is sorry after all. Man na man.

Like my mother now, they call her Iya l’rokorodu. The whole Ikorodu now you canto tell her nothing. If you go her shop now, my picture dey dere, for banner like this. But my father gats to dey explain to them…na my…dem go say na lie. That boy wey I dey see so wey dey for Megamound, you you dey for igbado here.’

So even me personally, it was paining me. And what can I do? Even if I send him money, he’s still there.Shey na until they open his account to see I sent him money yesterday? So I relocated him.

It was my mum’s birthday. I didn’t tell her I was going to call him. So they just met in my parlour and I was like ‘you want to fight?
If you break my TV, I will send two of you out of this place.’ I’m like ‘what else do you want mama. This man is here, forget now. Oya now, make we go chop life.’

They’re good now, they’re very good, very very good.

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