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Nneka narrates the tragic moment when she finds out her husband has died.

Nneka narrates the tragic moment when she finds out her husband has died.

Nov 19, 2023

Nneka recounts the harrowing experience of discovering her husband’s absence after a church visit. When he didn’t return, she became increasingly concerned, leading her to call him repeatedly. Eventually, a stranger answered, prompting fear and confusion. The unknown person instructed her to send someone to Ojuelegba police, intensifying her worries. Upon reaching the police station, she discovered her brother-in-law in tears, signaling a tragic event.

This is just one out of many victims of the trailer accidents in Lagos.

It saddens my heart as Nneka narrates her story.

CHUDE: How did you hear about it ma?

NNEKA- That Sunday morning, my husband went to church with my children. They returned after 30 minutes. So I asked him why they returned so soon and asked if they were going out and he said yes, that they were going to the headquarters to receive holy communion. I said ‘Ok’ and they left. About 5 hours later, I didn’t see him, so I began to call him. It rang for about four hours. I then called my brother-in-law’s wife to ask her if they were still in church and she said they weren’t but the people were still receiving holy communion, so I felt that was why he was not picking his phone.

I waited for another 30 minutes and started calling him again and somebody picked up the call, immediately the person picked, I started shivering and ended the call. I called back and the person started asking me questions about who I was, so I responded saying I was the wife of the owner of the phone. He then asked me where we stay, at this point I was shivering. The person then said I should send somebody to Ojuelegba police and I started wondering why I needed to send someone there. I told him my husband went to church so why do I need to send someone to Ojuelegba police.

I called my husband’s brother and explained the situation to him. He said “ok”. I couldn’t rest so I got dressed and headed to the police station. Getting there, I met my brother-in-law, crying.

CHUDE: I’m sorry, I’m really sorry.

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