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‘I see a new Nigeria rising’, Bishop Feyi Daniels shares on With Chude.

‘I see a new Nigeria rising’, Bishop Feyi Daniels shares on With Chude.

Apr 4, 2023

Nigerian Pastor, Bishop Feyi Daniels, the lead pastor of iReign Christian Family, sits with the host of #WithChude, Chude Jideonwo to discuss his graphic prophecy on the recently concluded elections and the sexual abuse allegations made against him last year. 

On the prophecy that broke the internet, he shared, “The prophecy is way more than what I put on the internet. The vision and visitations were about 7 hours. When I detailed it in the church it took about 1 hour. That Sunday, I couldn’t preach, I was just on prophecy. The way the internet is, nobody is ready to watch when something is long. So, we had to bring about 9/10 minutes of that prophecy to the public as the Lord led me. I see a New Nigeria rising and I believe strongly that Peter Obi will make that possible for Nigeria, God will use him to make it possible for Nigeria. I know that is the goal of the prophecy, that was why God revealed it and that is why we are speaking it. Because when something is revealed and not said it doesn’t carry the same weight in the realm of the spirit until it is spoken because there is power in sound”.  

“There is a part of the prophecy that is kept for a time in the future, even though my congregation heard it. Already I have received all kinds of life-threatening messages; I have not been to church in two weeks, my location is private because of the sensitivity of the message that was delivered. Imagine that I released everything, maybe I will not be in Nigeria at all”, he added.   

He also reacted to sexual abuse allegations made against him last year, ‘If you notice, there are no public statements from me on that issue and the reason is that I was trained to respond to controversies with silence. The issue didn’t start now, it started way back. I was invited to preach somewhere, after being hosted, by the time I got into my room, I met a lady. I thought I had gotten into the wrong room; I look to my right and I saw my things.  As I turned back, I saw a camera behind me. I am athletic, so I turned immediately and went after the guy holding the camera. The guy fell down, I punched him (it’s not good to punch people) and broke the camera. So, the person that was used for that, later went to the media and the case got to the police station but till today the case is without merit, I just moved on with my life. If the case was with merit, I should be in jail.”   

Watch the excerpts from the interview here

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