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“If I’m not your girlfriend, I don’t owe you any loyalty.” — Genz sits #WithChude

“If I’m not your girlfriend, I don’t owe you any loyalty.” — Genz sits #WithChude

Aug 1, 2023

Throuples, Ghosting, Situationships & More: The GenZ Special.

How far has the world changed when it comes to sex and relationships and what’s the true effect on our mental and emotional lives?

In today’s episode, they brought all the excitement and said:

“Patience is very important, like you go into a relationship and see a different thing. A lot of people are quick to say oh please I’m out! But at the end of the day, we forget that we’re two strangers raised by different backgrounds. If we go to the basics, we are two strangers, we have to give the space of understanding.

You also have to protect yourself going in. You can’t just go in and say make I see as e dey go. You can’t just be like if he do like this, I go do like that, if him do like that, I go do like that.

Some of our parents have taken rubbish from their partners. Especially mothers, especially women. You should be patient, you should be understanding, you should put in the effort, but know when to leave.

Thank you guys for showing up fully.

This was a blast!


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