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The difference between Religion and Christianity with Pastor Bolaji Idowu on With Chude

The difference between Religion and Christianity with Pastor Bolaji Idowu on With Chude

Apr 10, 2023

“We’re not saying change the standard, but we are asking that you teach truth in the way I can apply it to where I am currently. 

The problem is fear. Every time fear comes into dynamics, it paralyzes. That’s why we’d rather do nothing because we are afraid. 

A woman that was literally caught in the act of adultery was brought to Jesus. The question was, where is the man? Jesus was not afraid to implement standards with grace. 

The law says to stone her, but what they were looking for was if Jesus had said Stone her, they would have said, He is a murderer, killer, and a terrible man! but if he had said Let her live! They would have said, This guy is teaching against the law of Moses. He’s not keeping the standard. 

Jesus Christ, by the wisdom of God, looked on the floor and said, He that has no sin, let him throw the first stone. What Jesus was saying was this, “ I’m the sinless one, I’m the one that has the right to throw the stone, but I refuse to throw the stone. So, who are you? 

He was saying all of them were sinners pointing at another sinner, and that’s what Religion does. We do it so well in church. The girl that keeps the pregnancy out of wedlock, we point hands at her and say she is a terrible person, but the ones that abort are saints.  

Religion loves the form and not the essence. Religion places man to conform to a certain look, even though his heart is not converted. So, instead of us to show grace, mercy, and love to the lady that keeps the pregnancy and saying, “You did a wrong thing, but you did a right thing by keeping the pregnancy,” we criticize, reject, remove her, cancel her and make her go into depression. But the one that aborts the pregnancy, oh, this is great, this is wonderful. The question is that the one that aborts the pregnancy covers one sin with another. 

Which one does God want? 

Religion is interested in the form. You need to look a certain way and say a certain thing, even though your heart is not at that pace. 

Religion places a demand on outward confirmative without inward change. Christianity places inward change before outward change. 

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