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How I Birthed WithChude From A Place Of Deep Pain And Alienation

How I Birthed WithChude From A Place Of Deep Pain And Alienation

Apr 10, 2023

Have I shared the story of how this show started?

So in 2017, I was trending on Twitter for days, and it wasn’t good. People were tackling me cause of the political choice that I had made.

Then I woke up one of those mornings, and picked up my phone, to find out ‘What are they saying this morning?’

It was horrendous.

So I called a team member, I said, ‘Why do they hate me so much?.’ He encouraged me but he wasn’t really speaking to me. So I went to YouTube and I searched for, ‘what to do when people hate you’.

The conversation that came up was a conversation between Oprah and Brene Brown on SuperSoul Sunday.

I listened to the conversation between Oprah and Brene, l talking about courage, what to do when you’re in the arena and people are attacking you. And I tell you, it healed me, it spoke to me, it just covered me. And I said to myself, ‘Wow!’

I said, ‘Wow I want to have this same kind of conversation. I want somebody to wake up one day and watch my show and feel seen, heard and covered.’

And that’s where this show came from.

It literally came from a place of deep, deep, deep alienation and pain.

When I think of the many important things that has happened in my life, many of the most important things in my life have come out of pain

And when Pastor Bolaji says that you can find gold in pain, I know that is not a cliché. Even if it were a cliché, it wouldn’t make it any less true you know.

The first thing when you’re punched in the face is you go down and that’s natural. There’s nothing unnatural about that. But it can be a gift you give yourself if you allow yourself not to be blinded by the punch but possibly say ‘What can I do with this?’, ‘What can this show me?’, ‘Where can this lead me?’

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