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Shan George Reveals why Her Marriage crashed and How She became Suicidal on WithChude!

Shan George Reveals why Her Marriage crashed and How She became Suicidal on WithChude!

Jul 26, 2023

Shan George’s mother was sick for 10 years and it drained her.

She ended her career, left Lagos, and ended her life as she knew it. She left Nollywood. You stopped seeing her.

Life got so bad, she almost committed suicide.

Now she is back. And she tells me the never/before/heard backstory.

Shan George sits #WithChude
Shan George sits #WithChude

She became suicidal!

When I was suicidal I was so broke one day, one of my visitors who brought this shaving powder, I was going to put it in the water and drink. I told my mother that I was going to kill myself because I’m tired, I’m frustrated. My mother said okay, you’re not going alone we have to go together. My mum said bring it. It was in the night I took it to her and I was happy that at least both of us will just go because ‘this life dey tire person I no go lie’. So, my mum took the shaving powder, I had a cup and a spoon and then she was pretending that she wanted to mix it. She paused and says, wait oh, it’s night and we want to go to the other side, what if we get to the other side so late and it’s dark and we don’t know the road.

She then said let’s do it in the morning. When I was going to leave her in her room, she said I should give her the mixture and that she’ll keep it in her room. I think she was just afraid. I just gave it to her and she left it by her bed. She told me that first thing in the morning come when we go to the other side we’ll go there in the daytime so we can see the road because we don’t know how that place would be.


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The miracle money!

First thing that woke me up in the morning was somebody I did work for like 2 years ago. That was how I got the call. In fact, I didn’t even have the person’s number. In fact at that point in time I wasn’t even doing social media because I had sold my phone.

So I saw the call the first time, I peeped and didn’t know the number so I tried to sleep and the person called the second time. So with that anger ‘What the hell is wrong with this person?’ I picked up the call and I was like… then the person just started quarrelling, ‘Ahh what is wrong with you, your mother has been sick and you could not call people?! So you don’t even know that you have people that care that you can just talk to.’ I think he ran into one of my colleagues who told me that I don’t live in Lagos anymore, that my mother has been sick and I’ve been in Calabar. So he was like, ‘No wonder, I was not seeing you in movies. You’re not working, not even on Instagram where your colleagues are.

At that point, I didn’t know who it was then I asked, ‘Who is this?’ He now mentioned his name. You know my mood was that mood I slept with I was already in that state like I didn’t want to live anymore. Anyways he now said, ‘Send me your account number let me get you something. So how is your mum?’ I said she’s getting better.

My dear in the next 5 minutes my phone beeped and I saw 1.5 million.

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