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Odogwu Malay Reveals why He went to London to do menial jobs and How it feels to wait for eight years before having a child.

Odogwu Malay Reveals why He went to London to do menial jobs and How it feels to wait for eight years before having a child.

Jul 26, 2023

He won the Soundcity Music Video Awards one year, and the next he was cleaning basketball courts in London.

He disappeared from the scene for a few years and when he returned, he was back like he never left.

The doctor said he was never going to have children, and suddenly the doctors said the miracle baby had been miscarried.

In this episode,  we go deep with Odogwu Malay. You can feel it that I loved every bit of my conversation with Ill Bliss. No matter how long he’s been in the game, he moves like he just arrived.  Linked to that, there’s something else he said, when he goes down, he jumps up. I love that image, he doesn’t stand up, he doesn’t rise up, he jumps up. He never wants them to see him on the floor. Ill Bliss gets it.

What does waiting for five years after marriage to have a child mean?

“It took 8 years to get a daughter. That period was incomplete.

This is why you must marry your friend. My wife’s name is Munachiso and it means I work with God, my God is always by my side. Sometimes she’ll be like babe why are we not panicking, why are we not having anxiety about children?  It was a long wait. I got married in 2009 and I knew I was doing the honourable thing. The plan was to get married, raise a family promptly and take care of all of them.

Odogwu Malay sits #WithChude
Ill Bliss and beautiful Wife Munachiso

So the first year came second year, third year, fourth year, fifth year.  Some of the friends that I was part of were their groomsmen or we did collectable groomsmen who had gotten married, their kids had come.  Even the guys that did groomsmen for my own wedding had gotten married and kids were popping up from all around us. People tried to panic me and wifey, you know come let this preacher pray for you. But we were happy, we weren’t even saying our rosary let alone having to run around for things but we stayed with God and Chude I’ll be honest with you, at some point, we decided to adopt. We said we would take somebody’s child and raise them at least show them so much love and as soon as we had spoken about that, my wife took in 2 months after.

How he ended up in London cleaning basketball courts!

So I went to the UK for about 2 years. It was supposed to be for 2 months and I ended up staying for 2 years. I got to England and I couldn’t work, now that I knew, of course, I got a student visa. And then, the grind started. At some point, I couldn’t pay the rent. At another point, I’d have to live at Shepherds bush one day and at Canning town the next day; I was just changing my location and just moving with my friends.

I have done everything. I’ve worked in a coffee shop and as an industrial cleaner. At one point, I had like 4 jobs concurrently.  

I was working in the coffee factory, doing industrial cleaning and hygiene. Then I was working with a school for kids with Down Syndrome, cleaning the school every morning for 3 hours.

The way I was structured, one job will take care of rent, and another job will take care of groceries. The third one is for savings, and the last is for my sneakers and sessions. So, I was like 4 people in one. My caretaker in the house will then say, “I don’t understand why you even pay rent, you’re never here” and then during the weekends, I was a tunnel guy in Arsenal stadium.

Where do I start to explain? I’ll wake up by 3 am so that I could catch the bus going to Oxbridge, this was like Middlesex. I’ll get to the first job and be shaking as it was freezing cold because that was the earliest I could get there, and be listening to music with my headphones until they open. The people I was working with will just stroll in later because they were living a few blocks away from the school “Oh hi, how are you it’s freezing” and I’ll be like I’ve been here for 30 minutes but you just walked in.

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  • Odogwu… You are such a super man. We really don’t look like what we have been through

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