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“Fame comes with negativity and positivity.” — Praise Shares His BBNaija aftermath story!

“Fame comes with negativity and positivity.” — Praise Shares His BBNaija aftermath story!

Jul 26, 2023

My guest today is Praise!

Praise was a contestant of the big brother Naija recently. Now, I’ve talked to a lot of the more prominent big brother contestants, but I wanted to talk to Praise from a different angle.

We talked about his 6-week stay in the house and how it took a lot of personal risk to be in the house including riding from Abuja to Lagos during a lockdown inside a pandemic.

I had a blast talking to this young man.

He talked about the aftermath of the Big Brother Naija show:

“The show gives people visibility, and it provides the opportunity to know your life. So going on the show, asides from making it on the show, everybody is going to research, “Okay, let’s see what this person was doing before.”

So it pretty much gives people a view into your life. If you were private before, everyone knows you, so everyone is like watching you; even when you think people are not watching, everyone is watching.

Has I said, the trolls, they just don’t stop no matter what, there’s nothing you do. So if you do something today and a troll comes to your page and says, “abeggi you for do am like this”, even if you do am like that, that same person will still complain. You know, people just hate for no reason.

Sometimes when someone says something awful, I read it and say the person doesn’t even know me. Like you don’t even know what I’m about, you don’t even know me personally, and you’re saying this kind of thing about me and fame comes with it. Fame comes with negativity and positivity.


Praise hailed His sister for the resilience she has to become a model despite being physically challenged.


Well, thinking about that, it’s something she wanted. Before I went on the show, she wanted to be a model. She’s a very strong girl, she’s one of the strongest girls I know.

She doesn’t let it pull her down, there’s nothing I do she doesn’t do. We play video games together, we cook together, we hang out together, and she dresses up, there’s nothing she can’t do because it happened when she was six (6) and she’s going to be 22 this year. 6 – 22 that’s about 16 years so it’s something she had to get accustomed to. When it happened to her, I was in SS1 and I struggled, I was failing in school because I just didn’t understand why it happened to her.

You know being a teenager, I was suspended from school several times, I was angry at the world so I was doing everything wrong. You know I would do everything that is bad, like if they say this is what you’re supposed to do, go to school, I’m leaving school and going to play video games, I was just angry but now seeing how she has picked herself and all that, it’s really good.

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  • Such an interesting read, it’s lovely to know he supports his sister all the way.
    I hope she achieves her dreams.

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