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“Olu Jacobs is diagnosed with a genetic disease that affects the brain.”— Joke Silva sits #WithChude

“Olu Jacobs is diagnosed with a genetic disease that affects the brain.”— Joke Silva sits #WithChude

Jul 10, 2023

Aunty Joke is a veteran!
She has been on our screens for so many years.
Since the 90s, she has set and blazed the trail for others to closely follow!

The aura she exudes, her passion for people, and her kind heart oozed through every part of our conversation.


Intimate Conversations With Joke Silva 

This interview was personal on so many levels.

None of us expected Aunty Joke to talk about Uncle Olu Jacobs during this interview. Not me, not my producers, and certainly not the legend herself.

But it’s my job to ask the questions, and so I even though I didn’t expect an answer, I asked.

She paused.
She mulled it.
She hesitated.

…And then she gave me the gift of sharing – for the very first time to the public – What exactly has kept the beloved also-legend out of the public glare for so long.

The studio went quiet.
This was suddenly a sacred space.
It was indeed Personal


Joke Silva Sits #WithChude

And so after the interview, which was held more than six whole months ago, we had to be sure she was truly ready for this.

We often create this space for guests who have revealed very weighty, very personal things.

We do that because during this show – many, many times, – my guests and I forget we are doing something called an ‘interview’ and we enter into very human moments where we allow our spirits to soar and our hearts fall in lockstep. I feel protective of their stories and their persons.

Aunty Joke replied and said no: ‘No Chude’. Not yet, not yet. I don’t know what came over me. I need to be sure everyone in the family is fine with this. Not yet, aburo.

Every month, I would check once more: ‘Are you ready, Aunty?’.
Every month she would say ‘Not yet, Chude, not yet’.

All that…Until…I get her text.

‘You are a gifted interviewer,’ she said in the text message. ‘I may never be fully ready. Go ahead’.

This interview was intimate, and I do not take this for granted at all.

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