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“The death of my dad devastated me.” — Omoni Oboli

“The death of my dad devastated me.” — Omoni Oboli

Jul 9, 2023

My dear friend and sister joined me to have one of the most beautiful conversations I have had on #WithChude this year.

I have been counting down to the day that I can share this particular episode – and I really hope it blesses, touches and holds you the way it touched me and our entire crew on the day we had it.

We talked about what it means to lose things that are very dear you: from your heart’s work to your own father. And then to be restored, even if you don’t recover what is lost.

Omoni Oboli and I bonded in the most sacred tears over seeing our fathers pass. It was incredibly pure, incredibly powerful, and for me unforgettable.

We also talked about her magical marriage, her sparkling career, and the most important lesson that her remarkable life has taught her.

This is one of our favourite episodes this year.

Thank you, Omoni, for vulnerability and truth.

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