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“My mother died after having multiple partial strokes.” — Lasisi Elenu Reveals 

“My mother died after having multiple partial strokes.” — Lasisi Elenu Reveals 

Nov 5, 2023

Lasisi Elenu, the beloved Nigerian comedian, recently opened up about the bittersweet experience of dealing with the loss of his mother in a candid interview with Chude Jideonwo. In this heartfelt conversation, Lasisi shared the poignant moments leading up to his mother’s passing and the emotions he grappled with during that challenging period.

Lasisi’s mother had been suffering from multiple health issues, including recurrent partial strokes. Her health struggles had taken a toll, and she would often express sentiments of weariness, saying things like, “Let me just go; I am tired.” Her family witnessed her gradual decline, unable to walk, struggling to speak, and losing control over her own laughter. They had to transfer her between hospitals due to the severity of her condition.

Lasisi described how his older brother, Uyi, played a crucial role in caring for their ailing mother, being her primary caregiver.

On the fateful day of her passing, Uyi was by her side. He briefly left the room to attend to something, and when he returned, their mother had peacefully left this world. The moment Lasisi received the phone call informing him of his mother’s passing, he was taken aback. His reaction was an initial moment of shock.

In the subsequent minutes, the weight of the loss began to sink in, and Lasisi was flooded with emotions. He described the unique and overwhelming experience of losing a loved one, highlighting how it feels like the world should stop to acknowledge the profound grief.

This candid interview with Lasisi Elenu serves as a powerful reminder of the strength that resides within individuals as they navigate the challenging path of loss and healing. His story is a tribute to his mother and a testament to the love and connection that transcend physical presence.

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