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“I thought I had done something wrong on the internet the first time my video went viral.”—Lasisi Elenu

“I thought I had done something wrong on the internet the first time my video went viral.”—Lasisi Elenu

Nov 4, 2023

You haven’t heard enough about the sudden transition of comedian and actor Lasisi Elenu into fame. Lasisi shared with me today how he suddenly blew and became a limelight in the entertainment industry.

It was a sweet experience, one that he wouldn’t forget anytime soon. Lasisi shares with me how he struggled for a while as a content creator but had no visible growth on his social media platforms. It took just one video, and many people surrounded him and paid more attention to his content.

Lasisi’s transition to fame:

It was easy for some, but for others, there is a journey, and sometimes it takes awhile. Lasisi Elenu, ‘Nosa Afolabi’ is one of those who had it in a different way. He is proud of his journey, and he shares with me today how he felt on that very day.

The conversation

CHUDE: First video that blew, how did it hit you?

LASISI: It was like back in the day, when you were young, and you would be imagining the day a girl would love you, how you would kiss her, all those kinds of thoughts. But it’s just hope. Then it now happened. Do you know what you’ll feel like?

I was just gisting with my brother that day. my elder brother, he’s a medical doctor so he came to lagos. So we were just having a good time in the room, we were gisting, catching up on life and everything. I was charging my phone, I had plugged it somewhere, because then I would post pictures, after like 4 days: 72 views, 7 comments. My own comments there were 3. I suffered. Then my sister would encourage me with 2, ‘hahaha you’re so funny’, ‘oh my God! Have you guys seen this?’ Aunty calm down, they saw it, they didn’t care.

Anyway, I was just in the house that day, gisting. So I went to my phone, I had turned off the internet, no, the internet was turned on. The wifi in the house was on and then I just went on my phone. I thought I had done something wrong. I was afraid.

You don’t understand? Amy heart was beating fast, because I don’t know what happened. I just know that I went to my phone and I could see it. Ahahn! It was hot! That thing has been going on for more than 2 hours, I didn’t even know.

As I opened the phone, I just went on Instagram. My ‘pothole’ video had gone viral.

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