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“I cried like a baby when Pastor Sam Adeyemi delivered an unforgettable message on ‘Rest’.” — Chude

“I cried like a baby when Pastor Sam Adeyemi delivered an unforgettable message on ‘Rest’.” — Chude

Nov 5, 2023

I sat in church listening to Pastor Sam Adeyemi – and, being a crybaby, I began to shed soft tears. It wasn’t just about the message. It was really the affection I suddenly felt for all the great gifts of revelation this one man has given me – from his messages, and his life. But also because I really, really, really, really like my church. It always feels like home. It’s truly a place of love, and warmth, and authenticity. It is home.

I remember the last time Pastor Sam made me cry. I was in the most harried phase of my life – rushing, hustling, trying to please everyone, and do everything, sorely afraid of failing – when from the same pulpit in Ikeja, he delivered an unforgettable, transformational message… about Rest.

About what it means to trust God, to trust your purpose, to trust in abundance, and to believe truly that after doing the work, you must rest.

That rest is the proof of trust in God.

That time, it wasn’t gentle tears oh. The tears flowed freely – complete with sniffing and a runny nose. I sat, transfixed, after service was over. It felt like deliverance. It was deliverance.

My life changed after that.

I believe it was the first time I came across this verse: “Don’t wear yourself out trying to get rich. Be wise enough to know when to quit.”
Proverbs 23:4 NLT

The greatest gift my mother ever gave me was this: when I turned 18, she said I could leave our home church and find my church for myself.

About many weeks and more than a dozen churches after, I arrived at Daystar … and immediately felt at home. I had found my church. I had found my pastor. 19 years after, he is still my pastor.

So today, I want to pay tribute. And thank him: for being. And for continuing to bless, inspire and transform countless lives. And for living in integrity, fearlessly, away from the crowd.

I love you, sir. I really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really love you.

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