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Iyanya Shares How His Story Inspires Many On With Chude

Iyanya Shares How His Story Inspires Many On With Chude

Apr 16, 2023

“Professionally I was not doing anything, like anything. I drop music like once a year. You know how it is when you’ve been out for a while, coming back is not very easy, not everybody is going to be willing to help you get back up, you know what I’m saying and that’s going to take a while and now you have to link up with the right people who can see beyond your flaws, those kind of things, it’s crazy. It’s crazy you know.

“I’m very thankful today, you know why? Because you asked me this question and I remember me and Ubi having this conversation in the car saying, it’s crazy because last Christmas we been dey beg for show, omo nawa God good and when that tweet came out everybody was surprised for real.

“It’s the reality of the game you know, when you’re out for a while, most people don’t come back.

“Sharing that story inspired so many people, you know there’s so many people who reached out to me to say thank you for that tweet, it inspired me. Because we don’t share these parts of our lives and that’s why so many people are depressed or frustrated, not knowing that another person is going through something even worse. You get what I’m saying, so I’m thankful that we put that out there and the effect was great.”

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