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“Everybody is a player, build on your game.” — BOVI UGBOMA

“Everybody is a player, build on your game.” — BOVI UGBOMA

Apr 16, 2023

“When you take responsibility for your emotions, no matter how much you are affected, after a while, you’d readjust and move on. 

There was a time I used to live alone, I would stand in front of the Mirror and laugh at myself and my mistakes. I’d say, ‘Men, you’re crazy and stupid’. Whenever I remember the things that embarrassed me, I’d cringe at them and say, ‘Oh Well, it has happened’. 

We need to understand that people in the stands are watching those who are on the field. 

At every point in time in life, you should be a player in the field. I will sit down to watch your interviews; you would sit down to watch my shows. 

So, every human being deserves to be on the field at some point.  

So, they’ll say, ‘Who is this guy? We heard he’s the best Director – let’s watch what he has directed. Oh, she’s an Athlete – let’s watch her run. He’s a motivational speaker – let’s hear him speak. Oh, this guy knows how to cut hair – let’s see him do it’. 

In life, everybody is a player, so build on your game. 

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