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“There’s big love in Mavin”– Iyanya Speaks on With Chude

“There’s big love in Mavin”– Iyanya Speaks on With Chude

Apr 15, 2023

“Mavin Records is a beautiful vibe. Jazzy is, I don’t know how to describe Jazzy, it’s impossible for you to hang with Jazzy and not be happy. I don’t know if you understand what I’m saying.

“No no no, he’s like that. He doesn’t like proud people, he can’t stand you if you’re proud, he can’t stand you. If you’re proud and you’re coming he’ll just stand up and go inside. He’s very playful, when it’s time to work, he’s there. He’s not saying this one is bigger than that one or anything, he treats everybody with the same level of respect and love. So there’s big love in Mavin, big love and you can tell from the output, the energy they put out.

“The thing people didn’t understand is that was Jazzy just looking out for me at the time. That was Mr Idris of Temple, shoutout to Mr. Idris and errm Jazzy, they just came together and said, you know what, let’s put out music from here. So that was Jazzy’ love, Mr Idris’ love, that was all just love. We didn’t even sign anything.”

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