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The record-breaking Pastor Jerry Eze Shares a Heartfelt moment about His Mother’s prophecy and Her sudden Demise.

The record-breaking Pastor Jerry Eze Shares a Heartfelt moment about His Mother’s prophecy and Her sudden Demise.

Aug 1, 2023

I spent two days with the phenomenon, Jerry Eze – at his headquarters in Umuahia where I covered the legendary NSPPD, and then in Abuja just after his Wembley, London ministration.

We talked about miracles, we talked about testimonies, we talked about the YouTube records he has been breaking, that Dunsin Oyekan song, and through holy tears we talked about losing his mother too soon, just before her prophecy on his life came to manifest.

It’s just a beautiful, powerful, sacred episode and I allowed all of that anointing wash over me.

One midnight in January 2021, soaked in fear and alienation, I chanced upon this song on YouTube.
I began to scream along with Jerry and Dunsin for hours on end through goosebumps and tears.
And then I began to feel a beautiful release.

I texted Pastor Jerry a “Thank you” message once it was dawn.

Teary moment about his mother’s prayers!

“The first time that I walked away the conversations ended. But when (my mum) took ill she called me one day and repeated the same things again, I began to pay attention to what she was saying because she was going to die the next day. So she insisted I came to see her and I didn’t know that was death coming. I came to see her so we laughed and had a good time.

She was always asking me to pray for her whenever I came. She told me that day that she wanted to pray for me, she said it jokingly that let her be the one to pray for me today and I was like ‘okay no problem, pray for me now’. Then she asked me to bring my hand. I brought my hands and she started crying and then I knelt down. I cried also.

Then she just started praying, she didn’t pray for any blessing, so to speak… She kept saying ‘This one will fulfil his purpose.” This one will live to fulfil the reason why he was born. This one would live. She kept saying ‘Lord I’ve not forgotten all that you told me about this one.”

She was crying. I was crying. So after my mom prayed for me that day, I was in the office and they called me and said your mom is lying down on the floor…”


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