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From Basketmouth To His Wife’s Second Baby; AY Comedian Bares It All On With Chude

From Basketmouth To His Wife’s Second Baby; AY Comedian Bares It All On With Chude

Apr 16, 2023

In the history of my knowing Bright Okpocha, he will not bring himself to the level of apologizing to you for anything. A while ago, he posted about how people go online to show off cars and other things they just bought.

Incidentally, I posted a ride I got my wife two days to that tweet, so people went on his page and were like, “This must be referring to AY” and for the first time, while I was in London, Bright called me and was like, “Guy, see wetin I dey hear o, people are relating what I posted to you, it has nothing to do with you.” I was so happy; I mean he practically called me!

I appreciated the fact that the master called, which is very rare. He will never stoop that low. So when the master called, I was happy. I believed that call would have formed the balance that I have been craving for us to have.

When I arrived back in Nigeria, he was having his show, so I called him and was like, “This show that you are having, incidentally, it’s the same day that I have a show in Port Harcourt, so we can have a skit idea and all that”. I ran it all by him, and I still have the voice notes on my phone. He said he would think about it and see how we could run it. All this was because the servant was still willing to serve the master.

But guess what? After like two or three weeks, the “Master just Waka pass me for event.” So, he has programmed himself to see me in that light and thus by extension, has translated to how some other people relate with me. If they are on my platform or his platform, you can’t come either way, except you are extraordinarily talented, and he needs you; then he can forego principles and have that person onboard.

So, there was the cancel culture, and many people were cancelled because of their affiliation with me. These are the things that I deal with. I saw him in Ebuka’s interview where he talked about this, and laughed. So I also like laughing about these things too. There’s nothing wrong with us. We are good. Everybody is fine and life goes on.

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