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Charles Novia Shares the lesson He Learned from His experience after the Twitter fight He had!

Charles Novia Shares the lesson He Learned from His experience after the Twitter fight He had!

Jul 19, 2023

One of my absolute favourite episodes is here!

So, a few years ago, the Nollywood legend Charles Novia and I had a huge trending-topic Twitter fight. I think that was the last time I engaged in a social media spat.

I invited him on the show to talk about what we learnt from that episode, the deep life-changing experiences he had with the great Majek Fashek, what he is up to these days, and what turning fifty years means to him.

This was a beautiful, revelatory, affirming conversation. I hope it blesses you as much as it did me.

What I learnt from this conversation!

Pause, evaluate before you react; before you respond.

I was reminded of this truth that saves you a lot of trouble and brings you great peace of mind.

I just want to clarify and apologize. If it felt like I was disrespecting your work and legacy then that was not the case (and) I apologize for that. This was me just like how can we find a way to say what I wanted to say in a way that connects with you. But again I’ve seen you after that and every year on your birthday I send you a birthday message. So this one is just on air.

Charles Novia sits #WithChude
Charles Novia!

The life changing experience with Majek Fashek!

“He was scared to come back to Nigeria because when he came in 1998, he had a mental breakdown so, he was thinking everybody would remember that and he was scared.

“So whenever I tell him, ‘Majek I have a show for you. Donald Duke wants to see you. He would say, ‘Mehnnn, okay I’m coming, I’m coming’. But he was scared. He was thinking that he would be booed or whatever.  

I had to tell a friend, Azuka, to accompany him. At the airport, Majek disappeared. Just before they boarded the plane, Majek just took off, they didn’t see him! They had to look for him again, (and later) found him 24 hours later.

Yeah, he was scared, but when he came and landed at the airport… from the airport people were shouting ‘Majek!!’ You know the immigration and everyone, he was like ‘oh, these people, they still love me?!’ Ahh, brother Charles, mehn wow.”

He was excited. So, I said ‘Let me show you something’. I took him to the National Stadium where the billboard was and he was quiet for a long time.

“He said, ‘Even in America, dem nor put me for billboard mehn.’ He stood there.

He was so happy.”


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