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“I don’t hide from the truth of being blind; It helps me live life to the fullest.” — Cobhams  Asuquo

“I don’t hide from the truth of being blind; It helps me live life to the fullest.” — Cobhams Asuquo

Jul 19, 2023

I have known Cobhams for at least a decade and a half and that peace, that calm, that self-assuredness that is his unique gift has always inspired me.

We speak about everything from a high-flying career to his raising a unique family with his wife / including her viral interview.

There is so much to learn from this conversation. Cobhams is a treasure and a living legend.

On his interview #WithChude, Cobhams speaks on his childhood experiences as a blind young man and why he made certain decisions that changed his life.

He says:

“I was growing up and was an ignorant blind person. It is one of the few instances where ignorance is really bliss because if I understood what it meant growing up in Nigeria – in the world, to be a blind person and the limitations that people stack over you then maybe I wouldn’t have done half the things I do now. But I don’t think I understood what it meant, and because of that, I went ahead to do whatever I felt that I could do.

Cobhams sits #WithChude
The Legendary Nigerian artiste Cobhams Asuquo!

Now, seeing that I am in a place of knowledge, in a place of growing enlightenment – because it continues, we are enlightened every day, I think it is necessary for it to be mentioned that everything that happened despite my being blind.  Not so much for me as it is for the next man who needs to know that it doesn’t matter where it is you find yourself, it doesn’t matter what kind of odds are stacked against you, this thing can still happen. It is what crowns the message of my life as a message of hope, as a message of possibilities.”

He also spoke about his undying respect for his wife!

“That thing Cobhams said, ‘[Look] my wife and I are different. My wife responds to this by sharing, and I respect that and I love her, and I celebrate that. She is a hero for that. But that’s not how I deal. How I deal with it is I experience it. And I can be fully myself while appreciating and loving her for being fully herself. That, I think, is one of the best ways to do life. To say, look life, whatever you give me I‘m going to take it. It is not going to change who I am, it is not going to change who I want to be. Whatever life throws at me, I will respond to life in my own way. I will not hide from my experience, I will not dodge from it. I will not dodge from my being blind. It is just going to help me be fully myself.

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