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“After I was discharged from the clinic, I was still blamed and beaten again!” — Etinosa Idemudia

“After I was discharged from the clinic, I was still blamed and beaten again!” — Etinosa Idemudia

Jul 2, 2023

Yeah I got married when I was 22. We met when I was 20. I was growing I just got married; I did not know anything. I was a ‘mumu’.. we can change the topic please, I’m tired of this topic I don’t want to go back there, I don’t want to keep re-living it and it’s gone.

I mean, I’m grateful to him, I’m grateful to my experience in life because it made me who I am or these things makes person who they are. If not for all those experiences , I’d probably still be a regular engineer wife with maybe 3 children, maybe one or maybe none because he…he was diagnosed with a health challenge which I’ll not mention, and they said don’t worry, don’t lose hope you can treat it but you need to stop some kind of habits that might hinder your treatment and instead of just focusing on the solution, you’re just trying to bully the other person like why are you looking at me like that why are you talking to me like that?

No! I actually truly want to be there for you can you just take your drugs? Can you stop doing this thing, he will not take his drugs nor stop the habit, so I spoke to his elder brother, it now turned to so you’re going to narrate our story to the whole world. That was what landed me in the clinic actually.

There was one time his superior asked me – when I was in the clinic fighting for my life, – the guy came and said the neighbors told him that it’s abuse and he wants to take up the case and I said okay yeah fine.  He said he’s going to do some documentations, he’s going to do this and that, his wife will come because his wife I think is an officer or so I can’t remember, the wife will come and counsel me. I said oh yeah, get it in motion I’m ready to report.

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