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“Funke Akindele’s work ethics should be studied; She is a multitasking genius.” —Moshood Fattah

“Funke Akindele’s work ethics should be studied; She is a multitasking genius.” —Moshood Fattah

Jul 2, 2023

We all have our nuances that we must not lose because that is what will make us come alive. I was watching a Nigerian show and I saw two actresses talking in their mother tongue and I was wowed. It was beautiful. When you are acting in your mother tongue, it’s a different level and it takes you somewhere else. That’s where I should speak to this that we are all learning. Now that it’s possible for us to win an Oscar for best foreign pictures, It will be nice for us to do a good job in our language and not play our language like some superficial thing. The message is that there is so much to who we are and our language is deep. We don’t have to water it down. 

My father cried when he watched “Battle on Bukka Street.” I was like, what is wrong with this man? Well, he is from a polygamous family so it hit him differently. I would say that in my entire life, I have worked with great directors on television and films, but watching Funke Akindele’s work was a masterclass. She is directing and taking decisions on someone else’ costume. She is rolling back lines in her head and she then goes “action”. I’m like how do you do that? She’s a multitasking genius. I was just taking notes while watching her work. She’s someone the world needs to study because she is incredibly balanced. Something happened on set that blew my mind. She is a really busy person but something happened and she sent me a text at midnight apologizing for the error. I was like what! How did she even know this? How could she even care about me doing this? Her work ethics scares me but also inspires me. Bro, you have to get in the mud. You can’t be fancy with the work if you want to get it done. So, seeing the success happen, she deserves it and we all deserves it. She saw us from Far from Home where she play Ishaya’s mother and we were usually in the same room together.

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