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“Your readers are not idiots.” —ARINZE IFEAKANDU

“Your readers are not idiots.” —ARINZE IFEAKANDU

Jun 16, 2023

The writer I admired once said in a workshop, “Don’t think your readers are idiots.” I think that is the biggest mistake you’re going to make. This means that the people who are reading your books are intelligent people. So, once you come up with that assumption then I don’t have to explain everything in detail. I can use suggestions as a tool to explain what I was trying to say. I remember the scene you’re talking about and I remember the first draft of that story. I sent it to a friend of Mine Gbolahan and when he sent his feedback he was like “I was going to say Nigerians are going to crucify you but then I remember that you are an Igbo boy.”

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