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“With all that has happened I still wanted to make my marriage work” — Sandra Iheuwa.

“With all that has happened I still wanted to make my marriage work” — Sandra Iheuwa.

May 25, 2023

Sandra: You know with all of that, I still wanted to make my marriage work, I went back to the house. He didn’t throw me out, I left.

Chude: After you posted in January, you went back to the house?

Sandra: Yes

Chude: Why?

Sandra: Because I was in love with him and I was heavily pregnant and vulnerable, I wasn’t thinking straight at that time. I was like I don’t want to have my baby out of wedlock, I don’t want to bring this child in to this world when I’m having issues with the father, I wanna make this work.

Chude: So that’s why you went back.

Sandra: I went back and it wasn’t easy when I went back

Chude: But when you came back, he didn’t have any issue with you coming back.

Sandra: Yes he gave me the code back to the house.

Chude: When you came back, what do you mean by it wasn’t easy?

Sandra: It wasn’t easy because he kept tormenting me mentally.

Chude: How?

Sandra: He would make fun of me and say, ‘oh I have kids with different fathers and now I’m having another baby with him making him the third person I’m having a kid with and this is a man that was married three times, and has 4kids with 3 women and he’s projecting all that on me.

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