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“I wanted to kill myself when I couldn’t understand why he treated me so badly” — Sandra Iheuwa.

“I wanted to kill myself when I couldn’t understand why he treated me so badly” — Sandra Iheuwa.

May 24, 2023

There was a time I was in the hospital, I was having early labor pain. He wouldn’t come to the hospital. Told me I was pretending that I should go sort myself out. All these kind of stuff while dealing with all that and this is a man that was married three times, and has 4kids with 3 women and he’s projecting all that on me.

There was a time I lost it. I really did loose it. I locked myself up in the room, I went to get a knife cause I was going to kill myself because I was like ‘why is this man behaving like this to me?’ I don’t understand it. I have tried everything possible to try to remedy this whole thing that we’re having but he wasn’t having it cause I said he cheated on me.

It’s so hard, before it used to be so painful for me to talk about it but I’m healed enough to talk about it because when I found out that he actually cheated on me was when I went to the hospital, I was heavily pregnant, and I found out he infected me with gonorrhea. It didn’t sit well with me because I have never had an STD before in my life. So I didn’t know how to handle it. I tried talking to him about it, he came up with different excuses and still didn’t admit it. But he actually did say he was going to take me to the hospital so we can go clear things out and all that. I think that really got him so pissed off cause he didn’t want it to be out there and I had no intention of putting it out there but he got scared and ran to social media and started saying all that.

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