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“When my dad died, I thought God didn’t care about my family, so I moved on from him.” — Doyin BBN

“When my dad died, I thought God didn’t care about my family, so I moved on from him.” — Doyin BBN

Sep 1, 2023

The reality TV star Doyinsola David has shared her bitter sweet story of her childhood. She mentioned that she was born into a wealthy home, but after her father died the money he left for them went down the drain.
Who’s fault was that, and how did she cope with the new reality of life?

Doyin gave me an exclusive interview and answered all the questions with much openness and vulnerability.

Doyinsola David sits #WithChude
Doyinsola David (Doyin BBN)

Here are the questions and her response:

Chude: Was it that, your dad was the breadwinner and it was a big blow to the family finances or were you and your mother carrying the burden so you guys could cope after he left?

Doyin: So, yeah my mum was working also and she has a very good job. My dad was also doing well and there’s money in the house coming from both parents. But they were very busy. My mum was always in and out of Germany and my dad was always in and out of Abuja and Lagos. So, we were with like nannies and at some point my mum was like ‘you know what, I need to focus on my children. At least when they grow to an extent then I can stop.’

Chude: What did she do?

Doyin: She quit her job. So it was now daddy’s money. And daddy’s money was sufficient at the time till daddy was no longer available.

Chude: What happened then?

Doyin: My mum was a bit emotional about it. I don’t blame her at the time. She wanted to keep up that same pace. She didn’t want us to feel the absence. She kept us in the same school with the ridiculous amount of school fees at the time. We will travel at the same rate that we do before. The money went down fast. I mean if it’s not coming in as much as it’s going out, it will come down at some point.


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