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“What I Was Praying For Before Winning Project Fame”– Iyanya

“What I Was Praying For Before Winning Project Fame”– Iyanya

Apr 21, 2023

“Before I won project fame, I was praying for a platform. I wanted to be heard so badly. It was so bad that I had rehearsed my speeches, and my family thought I was going crazy. Immediately God gave me project fame, I knew that it was all I wanted. So, I feel like others don’t push so much just because they thought it was just a competition. Some even go back to their 9-5 jobs because they are not ready for the madness in the industry. I always said to myself once I got to the platform, I would take it up there.

The challenges I faced while growing up pushed me to find a way to be at peace with my mind, and music was my Saviour. It all started with singing in church.

I grew up in a separated family where my parents always had to fight about everything, and I was in the middle. I had to look for balance, and music was the solution. I guess that my parents would have figured out how it all affected me in their moment of solitude, and probably when they discussed it with their friends. They were responsible parents, no doubt, but there was no communication.”

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