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It’s Skales Unplugged, Unvarnished On With Chude.

It’s Skales Unplugged, Unvarnished On With Chude.

Apr 21, 2023

People remember Skales when he burst into the scene as one of the stars from EME. And then he left his label and he seemed as if his career was going down. He had monster hits but then… whoosh!

He tells me, that he was homeless, literally not metaphorically, symbolically homeless. He had no place to live.

How did he go from there to that famous call with Olamide that eventually led shake body to being a viral song? What happened between him and Wizkid, between him and his former label, and how did he come back into our consciousness?

Also, what did losing his mum do to him – and how did that lead to the very public spat with his wife, from which there is now reconciliation?

It’s Skales, unplugged and unvarnished, #WithChude Chude today.

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