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“They just forgot about me.” — Late Major General Aderonke Kale

“They just forgot about me.” — Late Major General Aderonke Kale

Nov 16, 2023

The late Major General Aderonke Kale lived a worthy life, and it is my pleasure to have listened to her story firsthand before she passed. In her exclusive interview with Chude, the late Major General shares how she journeyed into the Nigerian Army and why she never believed she would stay there for a long time.

She explained to Chude that choosing to be in the army at the time was the best decision of her life. Even though she had thought she would leave the Nigerian Army quickly and join the University of Ibadan teaching hospital, a place where she is most familiar with and has studied for years in the environment, she couldn’t return there.

The late Major General shares how she positioned herself as a strong woman, and she thinks her gender might have contributed to why they denied her promotion in the Nigerian Army. She shares how people might be wrong about their experiences, and it might have been the way we all process our experiences.

This is a legendary interview, and I’m excited to share it with you all.

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