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“I thank God I never knew my real mother.”— Tonto Dikeh

“I thank God I never knew my real mother.”— Tonto Dikeh

Oct 13, 2023

In this captivating conversation, we delve into the extraordinary relationship between Tonto Dikeh and her best friend who stood as the only motherly figure she ever knew. From her bold step into the world of entertainment to the challenges and triumphs that followed, she was her anchor, her nurturer, and her source of love and strength.

When Tonto Dikeh said ‘God failed her’, she knew the pain and could only translate it to those words.

She shared with how pained she was and why she didn’t expect her mother died.

“She was the only mom I ever knew; She was the only woman involved in my life, she was the only one who supported me when I left home for entertainment, she’s the only one who has ever prayed for me as a mother. She’s the only one who has blessed me as a mother, fed me as a mother, clothed me as a mother.

The closest I’ve got to love from motherhood was from her, and she gave everything. She gave us more than what she had; she was the best woman on earth. Because of her, sometimes I say, thank God I never knew my mum, because maybe she wouldn’t have been as good as this. She was everything a mother should be and more.”


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