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Bishop Feyi Daniels and the Prophecies on #WithChude.

Bishop Feyi Daniels and the Prophecies on #WithChude.

Oct 14, 2023

I find prophecy to be the weaker cousin to principle and prayer. Also, too many ‘prophets’ have soiled the reputation of religious prophecy.

Still, there was something different about the viral prophecies of Pastor Feyi Daniels. They were clear, there was rationale and he was ready to hold himself accountable for his utterance.

In this exclusive interview, he speaks of his correct prophecy that Bola Tinubu would be President Elect, Atiku Abubakar would not win, and that the normally stoic Peter Obi would shed tears after the announcement.

He also speaks of the further prophecy that Tinubu will not be sworn in, there will be an interim presidency without a coup, and his vision of a new Nigeria arising – because Nigerians are finally ready.

Whatever you believe, you will find this conversation riveting.

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