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Phyna BBNaija Talks about Her terrible Childhood Experiences on #WithChude!

Phyna BBNaija Talks about Her terrible Childhood Experiences on #WithChude!

Sep 10, 2023

Phyna’s story is a powerful reminder that our past doesn’t have to define our future. She faced unimaginable hardships but chose to rise above them, using her pain as a catalyst for personal growth and positivity. Her resilience, determination, and unwavering spirit shows that even in the darkest time, there’s always a glimmer of hope and a chance for a brighter tomorrow.

In Phyna’s words: 

“I was able to channel mine into positivity. In to building my life. It didn’t make me bitter. It made me more jovial. I am very jovial till I switch. I remember there was a day they beat me, rub pepper on my bumbum and my eyes. That was my aunty. You know when you are staying with somebody, you tend to meet things. It was not my aunty that I was living with, it was the other one. I use to be left-handed. You see this mark on my body, I came back from school one day, and they kept hot rod in the fire to burn me for me to stop using left hand. That went and it didn’t stop.”

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