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CHICHI BBNaija Narrates how Stripping Job saved Her Life on #WithChude!

CHICHI BBNaija Narrates how Stripping Job saved Her Life on #WithChude!

Sep 10, 2023

CHICHI is a professional stripper (exotic dancer) and is not ashamed to own up to her profession. On today’s episode of #WithChude, she shares how stripping saved her life when she had nothing.

However, she also has different skills that made her different from her peers.

CHICHI sits #WithChude.
CHICHI is not ashamed of her stripping job.

In her words:

Chude: You talked earlier about saying on the show that you had stripped before. Did you feel like you needed to say it because ‘people are going to talk about it anyways, so let me just come out with it’ or…because of the kind of judgemental society that we have, some people will just keep it or try and hide themselves. But you said you were open about it. So why would you hide other things if they were true?

Chichi: So, before I went on the show, I remember telling the organizers – I don’t know which of them picked me, but whoever that person is, God bless that person – remember telling them that one of my reasons going to the Big brother Naija house was to make Nigerians know that stripping does not make you a whore. It’s just another means of making quick money. You don’t really have to sleep around to make money as a stripper or an exotic dancer. I wanted Nigerians to also relate with strippers and their lifestyle. I don’t know if I was able to achieve that, but I’m a homely girl. If you actually watch the show you, will understand that I’m not perfect. I can be a badass. I have never for once thought about what people will start saying. Because when I used to think of that, I was a nobody, until I started thinking less of that and started working hard. So, I wanted Nigerians to relate with my life and maybe at some point, the life of a stripper. To understand that this is actually a profession. Someone can be a stripper, and she can also make a good home.

She’s a human.

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