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“People only treat you well when you have fame and money” — Moshood Fattah

“People only treat you well when you have fame and money” — Moshood Fattah

Jun 29, 2023

CHUDE: Does looking young irritate you sometimes because people now treat you like…

MOSHOOD: Yes it does all the time. For me, it’s not a thing of you having to know who I am before you treat me like a normal human being. It’s funny because now I’m kind of famous and seeing people be all nice and awkward be like if you didn’t know who I was you wouldn’t be this courteous so cut the bullshit. I’ve had a career in theater for a couple of years and I’ve seen people tend to treat people who aren’t established in a certain way. If you are not  famous or rich they don’t treat you rightly. I’m like, do you have to be famous to be treated like a human being, how about just being nice to people regardless of their status. This is because tables turn  and I could be famous today and vice versa tomorrow. Anything could happen. The person who is looking up to me could be up tomorrow.

I think it’s also a Nigerian thing of always looking down on the weaker or younger person in every situation so we can feel good about ourselves. But really, why can’t we be nice? I’ve met a lot of people who are rich, famous and down to earth. I want to be like that. Someone like Osas Ighodaro, she blows my mind all the time. I’m like how are you this grounded and know who you are? I want to be like her but when you get into the world someone has to just misbehave and you have to be like hey do you know who I am? I hate to have to do that but people…

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