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“It was like a dream when I saw Asake at The O2 Arena after 7 Months!” —Yhemolee

“It was like a dream when I saw Asake at The O2 Arena after 7 Months!” —Yhemolee

Jun 29, 2023

So when they saw me in London, I was like ‘Ah!’ He was like ‘Idowu.’ He calls me ‘Idowu’

‘Idan..o de bi?’ (Powerful man, you’ve come?)
‘Mo de bi o’ (I’ve come!)

And I could see that his life has changed.

If you see Asake you go think say you dey see Drake. Bro! When I see oyibo people dey style am… Asake get about 5 stylists.

You know he has a deal with Empire. So he moved from YBNL to empire.. International space. And those ones they go treat you like say he be egg.

I could see everything and I felt it.
It got to a stage that backstage didn’t let me enter it… Cold wanted to kill me. You know unlike Lagos now, I can go to any backstage but bro dey no know you in London now.

So I was staying far from him and got to the show past 9. I didn’t have ticket, and I didn’t buy. I’m like it’s my guy’s show, I’d just call them to come and pick me.

Na lie o my brother!

‘Otùtu fé pá mi (I was very cold).

I don dey vexxx..I don already swear for hin manager that ‘una dey craze? I tell una say dey come.’ I have never been to this London before and I came when this cold is killing, when my hand dey shake and I dey for cold.

Na Asake come go give information say ‘my brother dey outside, make una go carry am come.’ E no won know the oyinbo wey dey there.

Na hin I look am. I was looking at him for about 15mins. I was already seeing him as a pop star. Even me, I couldn’t talk to him…everything don change, you can’t have access to him, you can’t talk, you have to calm down, na him go come talk to you.

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