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“NSPPD was born out of a heavy burden for prayers.” — Pastor Jerry Eze

“NSPPD was born out of a heavy burden for prayers.” — Pastor Jerry Eze

Oct 21, 2023

Pastor Jerry Eze, the founder of the most engaging Prophetic and declaration watch NSPPD, shares how he actually started this program and why he embarked on it.

In his interview with Chude, he says that right from the beginning, he has always known that there is a demand from God upon his life, even though he couldn’t place it or understand why exactly. Pastor Jerry Eze, in his reflection, remembers how he suddenly cries with a heavy heart for God to do more things for his generation and the several midnight prayers he couldn’t control. He calls it ‘a burden of prayer’ where he discovers he could pray through the night for days.

Pastor Jerry Eze had always believed that this incidence of prayers would be for a season and that he would be back to living his life. His wife had asked him on several occasions if that was how he would live his life forever, and he had so many doubts about himself, but over time, there was clarity, and the NSPPD started in full.

Through this ministry, there have been countless miracles and healings. Just one man’s burden has created desires in many others just to pray daily.

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