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“About Mohbad’s death, I will not point accusatory finger at anyone.” — Seun Kuti.

“About Mohbad’s death, I will not point accusatory finger at anyone.” — Seun Kuti.

Oct 21, 2023

Seun Kuti has made known his reasons for not speaking out about the death of Mohbad.

In his conversation with Chude Jideonwo, Nigerian musician Seun Kuti shares his thoughts on recent controversies involving Mohbad and Naira Marley. He emphasizes the importance of not seeking injustice in the name of justice and speaks against irresponsible finger-pointing.

Seun Kuti believes strongly in trust and unity, emphasizing that mob actions without evidence can lead to distrust within society. He also humorously addresses the perpetual legal battles of Naira Marley and appeals for the Marlians to have some breathing space in the tumultuous Nigerian entertainment landscape.

Of course, he made it clear that it’s his joy that justice is served accordingly.

Seun Kuti sits #WithChude
Seun Kuti speaks about Mohbad’s death and fingers pointing at Naira Marley.

Here is the conversation:

Chude: You mentioned Mohbad and Naira Marley, so you gave me the chance to ask this question. What do you think of that situation and the way Nigerians have responded?

Seun: We must not seek injustice in the name of justice. A lot of people are saying Mohbad and I played in a show in Ikorodu, and they are saying Seun Kuti, why are you not speaking up? I didn’t see a need to speak up about something I didn’t know anything about. Do you mean just to speak up for the fun of it? I don’t do that.
We are still fighting with people who steal private parts, and that started in the 1980s. If you watch all these movies out there, you will see that the elite intentionally want these rumors out there so that we will see our enemies within ourselves. The movies are always aimed at making everyone think that trusting nobody is a healthy and positive way to live. If you isolate your mind like that, you are hurting yourself more than the people you say you don’t trust. It will get to a point where you will stop trusting yourself as well.

Chude: Do you think it is irresponsible the way that celebrities come out to bail for blood?
Seun: It is irresponsible. It is irresponsible to point fingers when we are not sure. I don’t know how to say it, but one day it could be someone else. It has happened to me, and even if it doesn’t happen to me, I will not join the mob action against anybody. But knowing what I know today and being who I am, I will not want to join people in pointing an accusatory finger at somebody like that without evidence.

Chude: So Naira Marley deserves his day in court?

Seun: This is Nigeria; Naira Marley always has a case in court. Please leave the Marlians; let the Marlians breathe.

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