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“Nobody plans to leave their marriage on their wedding day; I just had to leave the marriage.”— Agatha Amata.

“Nobody plans to leave their marriage on their wedding day; I just had to leave the marriage.”— Agatha Amata.

Jul 28, 2023

My guest today is my Aunty; I’ve known her for 20 years, and I worked with her at the beginning of my career.

She’s one of two women standing, who own TV stations in this country.

Agatha Amata sits #WithChude
Agatha Amata

Her name is Agatha Amata. For the first time on TV, she’ll be talking honestly about her marriage to the actor and producer, Fred Amata and how it ended; what being a single mother did to her; and what it is like to be a pioneer, a true pioneer in Nigeria’s TV industry.

Her marriage to Fred Amata!

“I still meet people every day who still tell me that they pray Fred and I would get back together. I know that everybody wishes you well, but I always say to people, you can’t wish me better than I wish myself; it’s not possible. On my wedding day, as I was dancing and rejoicing, I certainly had no plans to leave the marriage. I don’t think there’s anybody who, on their wedding day is calculating the divorce, except the person is crazy, but life happens. And it is very important to know, especially for women, when it is no longer adding to you, and it starts subtracting from you.

I say this because the first thing I heard a lot of people say was, ‘for the sake of your children’, and let me say it clearly, an unhappy home cannot breed happy children. If anything, it’s going to injure those children and their outlook and their approach to marriage. The best you can do is for both of you to try to remain friends, as difficult as it may be. Which is what I tried to do, it didn’t work. It just didn’t. I’m not going to beat myself for the rest of my life, I’m not the first I’ll not be the last. Did both of us try? We did; it just wasn’t working.

Agatha sits #WithChude
Agatha and Fred

There’s nowhere they would mention Fred Amata that they won’t mention Agatha Amata, because I had two children for him and I married him. Even when they don’t need to, they’ll say Fred Amata’s ex-wife, that’s the introduction. It doesn’t matter even if I remarry, they’ll say the former wife of Fred Amata. That’s how they’ll still do it. I’ll be a fool to think I can wish that away, so why not just embrace it, acknowledge it and work with it.

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