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Nkechi Blessing Explains Why She is Loud against Rape on #WithChude!

Nkechi Blessing Explains Why She is Loud against Rape on #WithChude!

Jul 18, 2023

Nkechi Blessing is a VIBE!
Ah, she reminded me of why I love life. Of why I love life in my home country – the colour, the laughter, the warmth, the bad-assery. In the midst of all of this, she taught me life lessons for days!

She explained why she is loud against rape and those involved in this act!

“When I was growing up, I think I was about 16 to 17, I had this sister, I used to tell her I was still a virgin at the time and she said I was lying that I was not a virgin. ‘Me wey dem dey call makossa at that time, I dey dance anyhow.’

“So, on this day, she invited me out to meet her boyfriend. I was cool with it, we got to the place, and then it was as if she wanted to set me up with her boyfriend to confirm if I was still a virgin or not and I’m like what’s happening?! And as a young girl, because of the fact that ‘mo ti ja’ does not mean I’m spoilt, you understand or I’ve known men, but I knew what was happening.

Nkechi Blessing sits #WithChude
Nkechi Blessing!

“So I sat down, they brought a drink and I drank normally, she went out and said she’ll be back. She’ll be back, where are you going to? Then the guy came and sat beside me, then my mind immediately went to the fact that I remember telling her that I was a virgin hand she said you wey don spoil. You wey be say if you dey dance you go dey trowey legs anyhow.

I was scared to death at that point but I needed to do something. I never knew where the spirit came from or the power came from, I just stood up and said I am leaving, the guy held me down and said you’re not going anywhere, the next thing I said “uncle, you wan rape me?


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