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Cee-C Talks about Her experience in the Big Brother House and How She feels after the show!

Cee-C Talks about Her experience in the Big Brother House and How She feels after the show!

Jul 18, 2023

Tacha,  Erica, but first there was Cee-c.

I have been looking forward to completing the trifecta by interviewing this amazing woman. It finally happened and we had a blast.

What I learnt from this conversation with Cee C is that you must always Know your ‘Why’. Another way to say that is ‘know the purpose of everything you’re getting involved with, big or small. Be intentional.’

In this video, I share three books that are excellent for learning about this. Steven R. Covey ‘Beginning with the end in mind’, The Alchemist; a powerful book that tells us that life is a journey, a road to discovering why we are here. The last book is ‘The Seven spiritual laws of success'(Deepak Chopra) and it talks about finding your purpose!

Cee-C took us on journey of self discovery and essence of living on earth.

Here is what she has to say after leaving the Show:

“People are not used to having strong women or women that have opinions, so when they see or meet one, they’ll always remember the ones that have been like that.

That didn’t make me uncomfortable at all. In fact, I loved it because being the first that came or did something different from what every other person previously did on the show. I think I made people comfortable to go on the show and be themselves because I was myself and I came out and turned out great.

So if you’re going on the show, it’s enough for you to say, ‘Okay, Cee-C was herself, she came out and she turned out great. So whatever happens I’ll be fine.”

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