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“My personal life is private to me, it is not out for public consumption.” — Zainab Balogun.

“My personal life is private to me, it is not out for public consumption.” — Zainab Balogun.

Jun 11, 2023

Chude: Now we know you don’t talk about your marriage, and you don’t have to. But did it help being partnered at the time you were going through all of this? Did it help that you had someone else intimately that you could discuss these things with him?

Zainab: yeah of course because you have to take the village mentality when it comes with dealing with something such as big as this right? You realize that you’re going to need the therapist, the backrubber, the ‘make me laugh’ person. So yeah, it would be hard to do something like this alone not even just because of the physical aspect but more so the mental and emotional aspect yeah.

Chude: Speaking of which, just because I’m your interviewer, do you think that it’s fair to us that you shared with us all of these beautiful images of your wedding in 2018.

Zainab: I did not

Chude: But your friends did…So you don’t know who did.

Zainab: Actually the only person who had permission to share one image which was like beauty image was my makeup artist.

Chude: So you were completely comfortable with no one seeing an image

Zainab: Yes very comfortable, I mean my personal life is very personal. It’s not out for public consumption. That’s not my work, that’s my life. So I’m okay with giving you that which I’m okay with you criticizing or having an opinion on but I’m quite traditional so my personal life is not for public consumption nor the opinions of others.

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