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“After so many years of pain, I had my miracle moment.” — Zainab Balogun

“After so many years of pain, I had my miracle moment.” — Zainab Balogun

Jun 10, 2023

On the day of the funeral, I had a scan.
So I was made up in my Asoebi and everything.
I had gone to go and do my scan before heading to the church and the doctor says to me, ‘oh yeah, everything is okay.’ He said something about reabsorbed.

So I was like okay what’s the size of the cyst now? And he said I can’t see it. I was like I don’t understand.

And he was like it’s not there anymore. I said okay I took that as a sign. So I called off the surgery and I was like well if he has done it on the right, let him finish the work on the left hand side. So I just continued to be on my holistic journey and continued the test. Then I went to another clinic where the doctor was like that he can’t really see the cyst but maybe if I wanted to do an MRI just to confirm cause he was seeing something else completely. So I did the MRI. Took it back to him and he read it and said, ‘yeah there’s nothing there.’ This was September. I was like I don’t understand what you’re saying. You’re saying the MRI is the best picture for looking for any kind of masses in the body and it is telling me that I have no cyst in my body.

So that was my miracle moment, that was my…..relief. It was wonderful.

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