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Let’s be Human Together: An Unsolicited Advice to All on #WithChude!

Let’s be Human Together: An Unsolicited Advice to All on #WithChude!

Jul 27, 2023

I had this interview, sometime ago, the day after #BBNaija’s Tega shut down her Instagram page and said she couldn’t do it anymore. The celebrity, the public life, the responding to critics and bullies, the feeling that the whole world was against her. I am happy she reached out to have this conversation.

After talking through the pain, the shame, the sadness I liked the real-life quality of it. The vulnerability it required, and how it is a mirror for all of the complex, niggly, untidy details of our lives that we sometimes muddle through.

We talked about everything.

Tega sits #WithChude

An unsolicited Advice!

I took sometime off the camera to give Tega some unsolicited advice. I looked sometime ago for BBNajia housmates that have faced the most heat- Erica, Tacha, and Ceec. I know that Tega feels like the world is against her at the moment but I found out that the world is actually not against you.

I learnt a few years ago that people are actually not for you, they are for themselves. They don’t care about you, they just want to catch cruise. They want to judge you and feel like they are better than you. They tend to make themselves feel like they are not as bad as you are just to be entertained. Its all content for them. That’s how they say it these days isn’t it, ‘Na content na content‘.

Tega’s life is not content, Boma’s life is also not content. Her husband’s life is not content questionable has his choice may seem. These are real human beings trying to achieve the vision they have for themselves.

I told her ” Don’t take it too personal. Get your social media handles back up. Never give up.”

Guys, this thing – whether it’s #BBNaija or other scandals, is not just content o.

These are always real human beings, living real lives, just trying to do their best and live the lives that they dream about.

Let’s have mercy!

Let’s be human, together!

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