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“I’m scared Africans would sacrifice who they are to get international recognition.”— Moshood Fattah

“I’m scared Africans would sacrifice who they are to get international recognition.”— Moshood Fattah

Jun 30, 2023

I am really grateful to be at this age where it is possible to be seen by anybody and anywhere. Global stardom is not far off it’s just an email away and people can see your work. Before it was what have you done that we can see, but now it’s something that can be seen in the house. But I’m scared not as a film-maker but as an actor, I don’t want us to sacrifice who we are to get there. I will like a situation where we can be on that level of our unique selves. I don’t want us to start to learn an American, British accent in order to play in those things. I will like for us to bring our stories along and represent who we are. I can tell you for a fact that as an actor nothing beats playing in your comfort zone. It sounds weird but trust me. I will say though there is no African accent but when you are doing something in a different accent it’s really hard. There’s a lot more we can do when we are just ourselves. Of course, it will be nice to learn an accent and do well but I will like to see Nigerian stories told because that is how all of us can actually live together. I might be wrong but if any of us is going to make it over there it will be one or two and never collective. Thank God for ‘Far From Home’but I will like Hollywood doing a story like this or have a story or have a movie done here and screened internationally. Where they get to meet us as Nigerians, Igbo, and Yoruba, as who we are because we are very interesting. In trying to be British we lose a lot of our nuance which I feel is what made us unique. The African nuance, the unspoken once. 

I’m a fan of ‘The Crown’ because it expressly showed their uniqueness. In Africa, we do it as well. It’s in the proverb. Those things made our dialogue very very unique. Others can’t get it, it’s our colour and it’s either you get it or not. 

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