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“I’m not comfortable with being famous, but I’m grateful for the success.” — Moshood Fattah

“I’m not comfortable with being famous, but I’m grateful for the success.” — Moshood Fattah

Jul 4, 2023

On the day we had the premiere for Far from Home, I had a musical show that weekend. I was just trying to get in the character and focus on that. I didn’t want to be the actor that allows celebrity get in the way of performance. I was so focused that I didn’t know other things that was happening. This decision has really helped me to stay grounded in everything I do. 

I’m just learning and its tough on my mental health. For someone who tries so hard to as grounded as possible, because as an actor, especially now coming into my thirties I now understand how much an actor needs to be on ground. To be able to do your job well. You cannot allow celebrity get in the way of your craft. I don’t have any pictures from ‘Far From Home’ behind the scenes. When I’m on set I don’t even remember where my phone is. I was surprised my colleagues were actually gathering content to post affect the show. I didn’t know that’s how it works.

The way we were trained is that no phones on set, focus and get the work done. So that’s how I trained my mind. It’s tough I won’t deceive you. You know this thing about fame where you don’t want to be famous but when it turned out that way you love it. I am not that person. I am grateful for the success but I’m still not comfortable with being famous. I heard Chadwick Boseman said one time that what comes with success is that you can’t be an observer anymore cause now you are the one being observed. I didn’t want to lose the touch.

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