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“I will choose theatre over films.” — Moshood Fattah

“I will choose theatre over films.” — Moshood Fattah

Jul 4, 2023

Chude: Which would you prefer stage, television or film?

Moshood: Ohhh don’t do me like that. Of course, I will choose theatre. This is because the text is better, and you have time to own your performance. People think the hard part of theater is learning your lines or facing the audience and really that’s the easy part of it. The fact that you have to go to a place in your mind over and over again in 500 to 600 shows sometimes. It takes a different set of muscles to muster. So, you go to a sad part of your life to do this show and then you cry. For afternoon show, night show even the third show and many more. Do you even have the mental strength to go there every time? If you are not careful that part might get numb. So, it’s the perpetuity of the performance that is really the work. How do you perform on days when you don’t feel like it? What do you do then because that is really where the work is. 

I’m grateful I get to work with Bolanle Austen-Peters who is probably the only person who runs shows for the longest amount of time. We’ve done some for about a 100 times all across the world. She’s someone I’ve learnt a lot from as well and just to be in the room and watch her. Like you said you would think oh this lady is small but her work ethics, how she thinks, put everything together is amazing. She’s the one I enjoy with because I just trust her and she also trust me in return. I’m really grateful that she trust me. She never really gave me much direction in working with her she just gives me a role and allow me fly. She allow me find myself in my character and I’m grateful for it.

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