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ID CABASA Reveals why Tony Payne and 9ice went their Separate ways and How that Episode was difficult for 9ice!

Aug 27, 2023

The relationship between the popular musician 9ice and Tony Payne suddenly ended and attracted the social media to speculate what exactly happened. Was it infidelity? Who broke the rules, and why did they go their separate ways?
These questions are best answered by these two. But on today’s episode of HER#WithChude, ID CABASA, who happens to be a mutual friend to 9ice and Tony, revealed why they went their separate ways.
ID Cabasa also iterated that it was nothing related to infidelity.

ID CABASA sits #WithChude
9ice and Ex-wife Tony Payne


Chude: Was your heart broken when the whole thing between 9ice and Toni Payne happened?

ID Cabasa: Definitely! You know 9ice and I before the whole thing happened. I think that’s the way the devil works, he will isolate you. I think a lot of things happened that till date I can tell you 9ice cannot sit down and say this was what happened between Cabasa and I. Because if I was in the whole picture, what happened wouldn’t have happened.

It’s one of the most painful episodes in all of this. Because Seun was 9ice and 9ice was Seun. Both of them were good together. By the way, both of them are still very fine now. Ah! They’re ‘padis’ now. And thank God 9ice is married to a very beautiful soul again , Seun is doing fine and Zion too is doing very well. But that particular episode, I’ll give some insights today which probably I’ve never shared with anyone. When I heard that all of that stuff happened, I was angry, majorly with 9ice. Because I felt in my head that look, guy, you’re one of the luckiest that I see around here. This babe is your friend blah blah blah. When they told me the things that happened, none of these things had the potential of even causing (the problem).

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