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“9ice only wanted to learn music production before he stumbled on being an artist.” — ID CABASA sits #WithChude!

Aug 26, 2023

The living legend, although shy but has a track record of the Nigerian’s most heard songs production sits #WithChude on today’s interview.

There was a time when the only point Nigerian musicians had was for ID Cabasa to produce their albums. Sure hit.

From Lord of Ajasa to Olamide to 9ice, he was the king of sure hits. And he has the most striking stories from that era to show for it.

He speaks about his reluctance for publicity due to religion, his disappearance from the scene, how he helped 9ice make the move from producer to musician, the entire scandal about 9ice, his wife Toni Payne and rapper Ruggedman, and what he thinks about 9ice today.

We talk about his faith, his marriage and how he weathered his own storms, and that moment years ago when a review from yours truly led his artistes to almost want to beat him up – and what he learnt and took from that moment to set up Olamide’s blazing success.

Welcome to a blast of a conversation. Today, it’s ID CABASA on #WithChude

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A post shared by Chude Jideonwo (@chudeity)

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A post shared by Chude Jideonwo (@chudeity)

Head over to HERE to watch the full interview.

You can also listen to the full podcast on HERE

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